Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day--Thaelro’s List of Lovable Things

I—Thaelro, if you’ve forgotten already—am in charge of bringing you a special Valentine’s Day post this week. I’m afraid this is in lieu of a regular post for last Saturday; Riel is busy with school work, including other parts of Project Feathers (hint, hint!).

Really, I’m not the best candidate for a Valentine’s Day post—romance and all that gushy stuff is not my thing. But there’re a lot of kinds of “love” other than the romantic kind. So, since it’s the day to commemorate lovable things, I’ve made a list of ten things that I love. Maybe you’ll find something on the list that you enjoy, too.

Thaelro’s List of Lovable Things

Love is….

1. Knowledge.
2. Making a discovery.
3. A new idea.
4. A good book.
5. A quiet, comfortable place to read.
6. Those who accept me for who I am.
7. Sharing thoughts with those I trust.
8. Tuna and milk.
9. That old book smell.
10. Clean glasses.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Remember that life is filled with all kinds of loveable things that make it worth living.


  1. This is awesome! I like the idea of listing the things you love :D
    Mine are
    1. Waking up to stormy weather
    2. A Blank canvass
    3. A brand new spiral binder
    4. A comfy place to read <3
    5. That old book smell <3
    6. My Camera
    7. People who accept me for who I am <3
    8. Good Italian food
    9. Waking up next to my Fiance
    10. The pool with a margarita


  2. Hi Christine! That’s a great list!